First Games of MPHL

  • Posted on: 25 December 2014
  • By: Anonymous

The first game of the new professional league took place on January eleventh between the New Glasgow Cubs and the Halifax Crescents in New Glasgow's Arena Rink. The Arena Rink, built in 1904 by George Mason was located on the East River had a capacity of two thousand spectators. The game took place nearly a week after the original start date being postponed due to warm temperatures and poor ice. From all accounts the first game of the Maritime Professional league was a great success. The New Glasgow Standard reported that "the large arena was packed with an audience anticipating the more strenuous kind of hockey and were not disappointed". The Standard went on to proclaim that "no finer article of hockey was ever seen in the Province."

The second game of the Professional league took place in Halifax's Rink Arena.  According to reports Halifax had a rink that could accommodate nearly five thousand spectators to a hockey game and newspaper accounts estimated the attendance for this game at four thousand, a resounding success for the new league. The Halifax Echo commenting on the attendance stated that "It would be incorrect to say every scat was filled as there were a few vacant places, the vacancy being due apparently to the difficulty in searching seats hemmed in, as they were on all sides by spectators comfortably seated. And there were hundreds standing it out who would have been only too glad to fill these vacant seats."

George Mason