Games 1 & 2 - The 1913 Season

  • Posted on: 27 December 2014
  • By: lrigby

Game 1 (January 9, 1913) - Sydney Millionaires 7 - Halifax Socials 5 - Sydney’s first professional hockey game at the new Rink-Arena was scheduled for Thursday, January ninth against the Halifax Socials.  According to reports twenty-five hundred spectators from all over Cape Breton filled the new rink “and the enthusiasm was intense”.  The Sydney team did not disappoint their fans and were able to secure a seven to five victory over the visiting Socials.  This initial game was considered to be a very clean game by MPHA standards with only a few penalties awarded for “tripping and loafing”.  Two players were injured in the game; Jack Twaddle of Halifax and Robert Ferguson of Sydney were assisted off the ice after they were involved in a “checking contest”.   Sydney’s seven goals were scored by three players Tetrault, Scott and Dunphy.  This victory was bittersweet for the Sydney team since Harry Scott was scheduled to head back to Halifax after the game on the 11:30 pm express to rejoin the Halifax Crescents lineup.

Accompanied by their manager, Nelson Kennedy, The Sydney Millionaires left on January 12th for their first game taking place in Moncton on Monday night and then on to Halifax to play the Crescents on Tuesday.  The team was looking forward to meeting up with its two new recruits in Moncton.  Gordon Trenouthe was from Toronto and had spent the previous season playing for the Moose Jaw Brewers of the Saskatchewan Professional Hockey League.   News from Saskatchewan spoke highly of Trenouthe’s defensive ability.  Jack Fraser, from Brandon, Manitoba, was also scheduled to rendezvous with the team in Moncton; Jack was reported to be a speedy winger with good hands.  There was also some bad news for the team when it was reported that Hector MacKenzie, local boy and regular spare of the Millionaires had to miss the trip to Moncton due to blood poisoning.

Game 2 (January 13, 1913) - Sydney Millionaires 5 - Moncton Victorias 4 - The Fans of the Sydney team didn’t expect much from this first away game.  Along with the fact that it was generally thought that Moncton had the strongest team in the MPHA, the Sydney team was playing on the road in a rink that was much smaller than what they were used to at home.  On top of that, Sydney was expecting two players to arrive from an exhausting train trip from the west.  

Many of Sydney’s fans gathered at the Casino Theater on Charlotte Street that Monday night to take in a film on the Balkans’ War and to receive regular game updates from the telegraph office.  The fans were not disappointed with the excitement of the game reports.  With only four minutes left, a three-three tie was broken by Moncton’s Doherty.  It looked as though it would be Sydney’s first loss of the season until Harvey Richardson burst through Moncton’s defense and tied the game at four.  Amazingly, Harvey repeated this feat a few minutes later to give Sydney a five-four win over the home team.  When news was announced at the Casino Theater, there were reports that the local fans “cut loose” and poured into the street where many of the residents of Sydney joined in on the yells and cheers taking place.  It was amazing to the fans that the millionaires had defeated Moncton in their own rink.