1914 MPHA Championship - Game 2

  • Posted on: 30 December 2014
  • By: lrigby
1914 MPHA Championship ad New Glasgow Black Foxes vs Sydney Millionaires

Two thousand fans made their way to the Rink Arena for this final game of the 1914 season.  The Millionaires had to defeat New Glasgow by at least a two goal margin to clinch the Crosby Cup for the second season in a row.  The crowd was loud and boisterous, cheering for the home team.  The first seven minutes of the game were characterized by fast clean hockey but neither team was able to score.  At the eight minute mark of the first period, Neil Wilkie of New Glasgow was able to silence the crowd by slipping one past Joe Savard.  However, the Sydney crowd did not stay silent for long as the Millionaires were able to score four unanswered goals to take a four to one lead in the game and give themselves a two goal cushion in the series.  The Millionaires were able to fend off a later serge by the Black Foxes and defeat them by a score of seven to three, winning the series by a total goal amount of nine to five.  The delighted fans were once again able to witness the Millionaires clinch the Crosby Cup. The post game celebration took place at the Boscobel restaurant located at 222 Charlotte Street in Sydney where the fans and team gathered to rejoice the victory and the end of a successful season. 

An interesting incident happened after the game.  As the Black Foxes left the Sydney arena, the lights outside the arena were switched off, leaving the team at the mercy of a mob of Sydney fans waiting outside.  Fortunately for the Black Foxes, the presence of the Sydney Field Battery was able to keep the mob of fans in line.  This gave the New Glasgow team and it's accompanying fans quite a scare and they vilified the Sydney officials and fans in the New Glasgow press claiming that the lights were intentionally turned off.

After the championship game, the Sydney executive met and decided that they would not attempt to have the Stanley Cup challenge games rescheduled in TorontoToronto was scheduled to play the winners of the Pacific Coast league and once that series was completed it would be too late in the season to play a second series.  Another consideration against taking a shot at the Stanley Cup was the finances of the team.  The Millionaires funding was tight and a trip to Toronto would cost a significant amount of money.  On March 16th, it was announced that the Millionaires were disbanded for the season.  There was some talk about going to the United States for an exhibition game but team management decided against that option.  Ken Randall, Joe Tetrault, Ray Mallen, Joe Kirlin, Joe Savard and Gordon Trenouth were met at the ICR station and given a big sendoff by their local teammates and about two hundred fans of the team who according to reports "cheered the champions until all that could be heard was a hoarse sound, and were so carried away that they wanted to bounce everyone of the departing hockey heroes and as they could not do this they started to bounce each other."  As each player made their way to the waiting train they would receive a custom cheer from the crowd.  As Joe Kirlin went through the following was heard "What's the matter with Captain Joe Kirlin, He's alright, who's alright, Joe Kirlin".