The Death of Edgar Dey

  • Posted on: 25 December 2014
  • By: lrigby
Edgar Dey

A sad event took place early in the year during the 1912 Maritime Professional hockey season.  In a game between the Halifax Crescents and the New Glasgow Cubs taking place in New Glasgow. During an on ice altercation, Edgar Dey, of Ottawa took a blow to the chest that at the time appeared relatively innocent. On the train ride back to Halifax, Dey began to complain about pain in his chest and was immediately taken to hospital upon arrival.Over the next few days doctors performed several surgeries on Dey but were unable to save his life.Dey's body was returned to Ontario on the Intercolonial railway for his funeral which took place a few days later.  This was a huge blow to the newly formed league, Dey was a marquee player who came from the NHA to play in the Maritime league and the Dey family was a very prominent family. They were builders and operators of Ottawa's first in-door arena (The Dey Arena). Dey's obituary was published as far away as New York in the Times. Dey was also well known for being a championship paddler who had won many North American championships.