Games 12 & 13 - The 1913 Season

  • Posted on: 29 December 2014
  • By: lrigby

Game 12 (February  20, 1913) - Sydney Millionaires 6 Halifax Socials 1 - The Millionaires, without Cap MacDonald, played the Halifax Socials at home in front of two thousand fans.  The Millionaires did not disappoint their fans, defeating the Socials by a score of six to one.  The game was characterized by good team work possibly due to the influence of the new manager MacLean.  Ken Randall took Cap's position at cover point and according to the papers played a "star game" scoring three of Sydney's six goals with Billy Dunphy adding two and Jimmy Wilkie scoring one .  This win increased the Millionaires league lead.  Even with this decisive win, the fans were still incensed with the suspension of Cap McDonald who was watching this game from the stands.

            The other night I had a vision

                        the Millionaires went to the rink,

            And played the Cap. in his position

                        And put the league rules on the blink

            But it was only a dream       

                                                - Otto B. Kilde

At the conclusion of the game, the Millionaires boarded the express bus for Halifax in anticipation of the following days game against the Crescents taking place in Halifax.

Game 13 (February  21, 1913) - Sydney Millionaires 4 - Halifax Crescents 2The February 21st game against the Crescents was described as a ragged game with the condition of the ice making it impossible for either team to play at a fast paced speed.  According to the Halifax papers, the Millionaires were never in danger of losing to the lowly Crescents and took it easy throughout the game.  In the final period the Sydney players would skate the puck to center ice and take long shots at the goal attempting to kill the remainder of the game.  Even the Halifax fans had lost interest in the Crescents, this was demonstrated by the smallest crowd of the season in Halifax.   Halifax fans had apparently put all their eggs in the Social's basket, a team that was still in contention for the championship.  The Millionaires were scheduled to play the Socials the next Tuesday and according to the Halifax Herald "interest in Tuesday's game between the Socials and the Millionaires is now at a fever heat here.  Much money has been wagered, and all that is needed is good hard ice to make the game a sensational one."

The excitement was ramping up again in Sydney with three victories in a row, two without their captain.  The Millionaires only had three remaining games and with a good showing they would be able to translate their league leading record into a championship and a chance to challenge for the Stanley Cup.

Even the New Glasgow News was starting to see the Millionaires as the possible league champions demonstrated by the following pun in their paper:

            Sydney is agitating for a bridge across

            the strait of Canso.  If some one

            doesn't head off their hockey team

            they won't need a bridge, they can

            CROS-BY CUP

Fans were noticeably proud of their new team and the feeling around the city was that the Millionaires should be commended on a remarkable season whether or not they win the championship.  Sydney fans believed that the team had overcome the fact that the rest of the league was "individually and collectively after their scalp".

            When me take off their coats,

                        Their work becomes a snap;

            But the $ men got two goats

                        Since they took off their Cap.
                                                - Otto B. Kilde

On the 24th of February it was announced by the Moncton Press that Vics were planning to defy the orders of the MPHA executive and play Harry Scott in their upcoming game against New Glasgow.  Moncton fans believed that the teams from Nova Scotia were conspiring against them to keep them from winning the league championship.  They were particularly upset with the Sydney executive, one reporter stated "Just remember back at the start of the season when Sydney was trying so hard to gain admittance to the league and Moncton and New Glasgow fought hard to have the Iron City represented.  You remember well that the league at one time looked as though it would blow up on account of Moncton standing nobly by Sydney.  What thanks have they got?  The locals did not want any thanks but they expected at least a fair deal; which by the way they did not get.  Have not Sydney since they got into the league caused a lot of trouble?"