New Glasgow Cubs in Boston

  • Posted on: 29 December 2014
  • By: lrigby

A week after the Stanley Cup challenge had ended (1913), another MPHA team, the New Glasgow Cubs, was still playing hockey.  The Cubs had travelled to Boston to play the Toronto Tecumsehs of the NHA in a two game exhibition match.   Boston and it's fans were new to hockey and long before they had a professional hockey team of their own they would often host Canadian teams playing exhibition matches against each other.  The Boston papers attempted to build up the excitement of the exhibition game by emphasizing a rivalry between the NHA and the Maritime league.  One Boston paper stated, "The Tecumshes are members of the National Hockey Association and the New Glasgow of the Maritime Province Hockey Association.  They are bitter rivals.  The NHA as declared, has snubbed the Nova Scotia league.  The controversy has been thrashed out in the Canadian newspapers, and now there will be a real fight for blood here."

 The New Glasgow team faired better than the Millionaires, winning the first game by a score of five to three.  The first game was marred by arguments between the players and what were most likely inexperienced officials.  At one point New Glasgow's captain Chester Greggory refused to continue the game since only three of his players were left on the ice the others being suspended from the game.  The Tecumseh captain agreed to allow the New Glasgow players to return and the game was resumed. The Toronto team was able to win game two by a score of four to three.  Since New Glasgow was able to score eight goals to Toronto's seven they were declared the winner and pocketed most of the 2500 dollars in prize money put up for the series.